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EveryThink™'s Drag-hover-Drop (DhD™) interface allows you to utilize all of its rich functionality in a way that's unlike anything you've ever experienced on your iPhone. Here are just a few of the features you should try now to see how different, effortless and efficient it is to use!

  • Long-Hold any data object on the main screen to initiate DhD™, and proceed and drop it in the calendar or task list.
  • Tasks can be grouped together just by (DhD™) dropping one on top of the other. You can create any level of depth for sub-groups (tree structure, unlimited levels).
  • DhD™ a task onto the calendar and you create a time slot for the execution of that task. Do it twice and create two time slots. Create as many time slots as you need to complete the task.


Automatic behavior

As you progress through a DhD™, EveryThink™ automatically activates the functions “underneath”.

For example, when you DhD™ a data object DhD™, the data source “App” will shrink. Carrying the object to a position above the planner icon will cause the planner to open


In perfecting the DhD™ mechanism to the thumb-operated environment of the iPhone, EveryThink™ invented Autonomous Hover. Once you start a DhD™, you never have to worry about accidentally dropping the carried data-objects in the wrong place.

Accidentally or intentionally dropping the floater in an "illegal" location causes the object to simply hover. An icon shows the item in hover state, and, more importantly, the whole App is fully active “underneath”.

At that stage you can simply choose to ignore the Floater, utilize run App and leave the object to hover until you are ready to place it in the task list or calendar, where you want it. Simply hold the object to resume DhD™ and drop the item where needed.

Throughout this process, the chosen object will “wait” unharmed in the floater.

For additional help

  • Another look at our intro video (more instructional videos will be added regularly)
  • Open App help

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