Drag-hover-Drop (DhD™)

  • Use patent-pending DhD™ to move any data object into the planner
  • DhD™ to move planner items between calendars, tasks and time slots
  • Group tasks by DhD™-ing one task on top of another

Events & Tasks Integrated in All Views

  • Plan your work intuitively and efficiently by managing tasks in the context of your calendar
  • One task can spawn as many time slots as needed to complete the task
  • DhD™ to place the task in one or more time slots in the calendar
  • Focus on tasks only, calendar only, or both by sliding the separator

Attach Data Objects to Events & Tasks

  • Appointments and tasks can hold any type and number of objects: spreadsheets, presentations, documents, maps, contacts, websites, voice notes, images, etc.
  • All your data is at your fingertips where you need it, when you need it
  • Attach cloud data such as files from Google Drive

Two-way Sync All Calendars

  • Organic sync with iOS calendar
  • First ever organic sync with iOS Reminders
  • Sync with multiple external calendars, such as Google, Yahoo, Outlook
  • View calendars together or separately by one click on tabs
  • Move calendar items from one calendar to another using DhD™

More Can Be More

EveryThink™ provides the most powerful productivity toolset in the industry.

To create an app as powerful as EveryThink™ required fresh thinking about UI. Using conventional iPhone UI would have made it prohibitively complex to use.

DhD™ represents a significant breakthrough in iPhone usability, providing the key to making EveryThink™ simple and intuitive to use.

Complemented by a rich and innovative set of organizing tools, EveryThink™ transforms even the most complex organizational challenge into a manageable and fun task.